Monday, February 23, 2015

Spring Break Ideas For Great Holidays

Well, spring break is just round the corner and this is the time when one and all get together to have some fun! There are so many tourist destinations in and around the United States of America that sitting at home during the break is not an option.

From the exotic Bahamas to the stunning Mexico - the options are simply plentiful! However, budget is always a consideration, something no one wants to think about while planning a holiday.

It is difficult to get the best of what you want within a limited budget, or so you think!!

To get the holidays of your dreams with your best mates head over to

STS Travel has thirty years of experience in arranging the best holidays at a tight budget. Each years thousands of student book their spring break holidays through Student Travel Services.

They have the best holidays, hotels, club accesses and amenities on offer.

Their team of friendly and experienced customer support representatives will work out a customised plan that fits your budget and appetite for fun!

Just give them a call at their toll free number at 1.800.648.4849 and that is all you will have to do to get the holiday of your dreams. Alternatively, you could also fax them at 1.410.787.9580 with your detailed requirements and they are usually pretty quick to turn around.

Student Travel Services has a number of options tailored out for you. Here are just a few of those exotic locations where you and your friends can enjoy the sun and party hard!

Panama City in U.S.A is one of the world's best holiday locations. Every year thousands of students and families head overt o this beautiful destination to party in the world famous clubs Sharkeys and Club La Vela.

You can also head over to the gorgeous Mexican cities of Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas or Acapulco. All these locations offer a great holiday options. Mexico has breathtaking golden beaches, the clear blue sea, adventure sports and a nightlife that you will remember for a lifetime.

You can  also choose to take a tour of the historical sites of Mexico or enjoy cocktails by the sea. STS Travel services offer affordable all inclusive packages  in the best accommodations that include food, drinks and all the amenities the chosen resorts have on offer.

STS Travel also has fantastic packages for the sunny Bahamas or the exotic Dominican Republic You and your friends can choose between a number of luxurious resorts and hotels.

These sea side paradises have a number of options to keep you entertained throughout your spring break. You can try your luck at casinos, or take part in adventure sports for a great adrenaline rush, try various cuisines or have a drink at the beachside bars. The options are endless.

So this spring, do not bother planning it all yourself, or spend hours searching the internet with your friends. Call STS Travels and just do the packing!

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